Manzil Way, Oxford, OX4 1YH


Wednesday, 10 Apr 2019, 6:30 PM

CW: Self-harm, suicide

Join Oxford Mental Health Campaigners for Change at Restore on April 10 to hear from Joy Hibbins, recipient of the Janey Antoniou Award for service in 2018 for her work at the Suicide Crisis Centre in Gloucestershire.

Joy experienced a suicidal crisis in 2012 after a traumatic event and vowed to form a centre that would serve individuals in similar situations. In a blog post on Restore she writes, "I wanted to set up a Suicide Crisis Centre where people at risk of suicide could come for appointments every day if they needed to, and if they were at imminent risk, they could stay there for several hours.  However our first few clients showed us that we would need to provide more than that, if we wanted to keep all of them safe. It was clear in the first few weeks that not all clients would reach us – they may be so distressed or so traumatised that they could not leave the home, so we realised very quickly that we would need to provide home visits as well as a Crisis Centre."

This will be a great opportunity for those interested in suicide prevention, and also to thank Joy for her life-saving work. Bear in mind that the discussion will deal with difficult subjects including suicide and self-harm.